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Schoolgirl gets the hairbrush SCHOOLGIRL HAIRBRUSHED
Schoolgirl Lotty has had a severe slippering but her Guardian is still not happy that she has got the message about behavior. More strict discipline is called for and a large hairbrush is decided upon. Bent over school knickers down the heavy hairbrush beats down on her bare bottom and it has to be said Lotty did not like this beating But she got it hard.
Red bottom at bedtime Over the knee for the hairbrush Free videos at redstripe films
Naomi bent over and caned NAOMI CANED
The cane is feared by most young ladies and none more than Naomi. She tries not to show this as she raises her skirt and bends over the dining room table her large firm bottom waiting for the first swish of the heavy cane. When it comes it is harder than she could ever imagine but she has to remain bent over to take the full number of cane strokes.
The cane on her bare bottom Free spanking films at redstripe films Bent over for the cane
Schoolgirl Lotty slippered on her bare bottom THE SLIPPER FOR LOTTY
When girls behave badly they are never to old to be punished. In the case of Lotty bad behavior and drinking are her downfall and she will soon feel the strong right arm of Aunty Katie. After a good spanking she is put over the kitchen table, knickers off and slippered hard on her tender young bottom. She does not like this!
Dont drink Bent over the kitchen table Free films ar redstripefilms
Bent over for the paddle A SPANKING STORY Pt. 2
After reliving her first spanking we move onto her time at work where Naomi tells us what happened to her while in an office. Her very first paddling and it hurt. So we had her bend over, raise her dress and remove her knickers for a dose of the paddle on her bare bottom. Memories came back to her as the paddling got much harder than she remembered.
Paddled almost naked A hard punishment Free films at redstripe films
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Spanked on the bare bottom A SPANKING STORY
We do try to get the very best and the most true to life spankings and punishments for you and this film is all of that. A true life story of a lady as she moved into various spanking relationships and how they progresses. Boyfriends, to employers punished her bare bottom in various ways, she was spanked, paddled and caned, now watch the punishments.
The full spanking story Spanked over the knee Free films at redstripe films
Pandora Blake caned naked THE CANE FOR PANDORA
If any girl knows what she wants it's Pandora Blake. She has been spanked and paddled but feels that to complete the modification of her behavior she should be given some real pain and tells us she needs the cane. She needs to be bent over naked and caned hard on her bare bottom. That is just what happens. Naked and hard.
Pandora ready for the cane Bent over and caned Free films at redstripefilms
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Cheating wife is caned and straped on the bare bottom WIFE STRAPED AND CANED
Katie has been well spanked by her husband but he feels that sterner measures are called for. A disciplinarian comes to the office with a nasty thick leather strap and a fierce cane. Bent over the office desk this cheating wife is punished after baring her bottom. This is a real hard punishment and discipline thrashing, For Real!
The leather paddle on the bare bottom Punished over the office desk Free films at redstripefilms
A disgraced wife over the knee DISGRACED WIFE
It's bad enough when a wife cheats on her husband but when she does this and bankrupts his company it is totally unforgivable. Strict discipline and harsh punishment are called for and Katie's husband knows just how to apply it. Over the knee for a real hard horny hand to be applied to her knickers clad and then bare bottom.
Spanked on her white panties A free film from redstripe films Over the knee spanking
Sasha spanked over the knee SPANKED FOR SMOKING
When Sasha takes a break from work she does like to smoke a cigarette but that is forbidden at her place of work. When boss CJ discovers her she is determined to put an end to this practice and turns Sasha over her knee for a blistering bare bottom spanking. This is a real no patsy type spanking and Sasha Harvey knows she has been well punished
Smoking at work Spanked on the bare bottom Long legs and bare bottom spanked
Lotty punished at her audition SHE GETS IT IN THE END
Lotty has contacted us as she wants to be a spanking model, unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up and before we could conduct her audition she was rushed off and thrown right into a full hard on spanking film. We still like to do the audition so better late than never she gets a real spanking with loads of instruments on her tender bottom
Over the knee spanking Paddle on the bare bottom The riding crop
The wifes revenge THE WIFES REVENGE
Having found her husband shagging Dani Loveday Katie is not the sort to let it go unpunished. She puts the fighting Dani over her knee for a hard spanking and paddling. Not satisfied she finds the 'Big Bertha' of spanking, a very nasty and heavy paddle and gives Dani a hell of a whacking on her firm bare bottom.
Dani Loveday ready for the paddle Over the knee Paddlede hard
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Dani Loveday sucking cock FUCKED AND SPANKED
When the wife's away, well Dani Loveday took advantage of poor Karl and persuaded him to let her suck his cock, he agreed and she did and what a blow job! He then tried out his new spanking paddle an Dani's beautiful firm bottom and turned it a bright red before bending her over and giving her the fucking of her life with what result? just find out.
Bent over and paddled Hard fucking Dani gets fucked
Pandora paddled PLEASE PUNISH ME
Pandora Blake feels in need of some punishment and goes to see a strict disciplinarian. They decide that she should be punished with a wicked rubber paddle on her bare bottom. Dressed in stockings and suspender belt she is bent over and given a good hard session with the paddle which leaves her bottom red and marked.
Bent over for the paddle naked and paddled a red paddled bottom
Natsha caned on the bare bottom PARTY GIRL CANED
Returning in the early hours of the morning Natasha is surprised to find a welcoming committee waiting for her. She is not so happy when after a telling off she is told she will be paddled and caned there and then. Her dress comes up and her skimpy panties come down as both aunt and uncle take it in turns to give this naughty girl a real punishment
Over aunties knee rfor the paddle Tears before bedtime The cane on a teenage bare bottom
Barmaid paddled on her bare bottom THIEVING BARMAID
With the cost of living going up every day it is a great temptation to take money whenever you can. This young lady working in a club bar has been found out and now has to take the consequences. A hard spanking and then the application of a wicked rubber paddle onto her bare bottom. She is in pain as her bottom is spanked and beaten hard.
Ready to b punished Bent over for punishment spanked and paddled
Andrea paddled and whiped on webcam BEATEN ON CAMERA
Andrias husband has decided that as she likes to be spanked so much he will earn some money in the process and tells her to get ready for some real hard beatings. The web cam viewers want a variety of implements used on her, whips, paddles, taws, they are used and used hard. Her bare bottom is well beaten for real. A great punishment film.
Bent over and beaten Bare bottom whipping Thrashed bottom
Webcam spanking WEBCAM BEATINGS
Andria hits upon a new and ingenious way of making money, she has big tits and loves to show them off so she decides to put on a web cam show for some guys. Her husband returns, finds her with her tits out and decides that a damn good spanking on her large bottom is called for. He is a big guy and gives her one hell of a hard spanking.
Big tits Bent over and spanked A good thrashing
Allison caned I DAMAGED THE CAR
Allison returns home with some damage to the family car, punishment is swift and to the point, a good hard caning bent over the car. Later in her bedroom a wicked latex paddle is used to turn her large firm bottom a deep shade of red, this is an extra hard thrashing for this housewife. The bedroom paddling is humiliating and painful.
Bend over for the cane Bare bottom paddling Exposed and paddled
Allison punished with the slipper BATHED AND BEATEN
Allison is in serious trouble, she is spending too much time in the bath when she should be doing other things. A wet bottomed spanking is called for and dished out. Next in the bedroom after a spanking the slipper is used to bring her into line, despite her sobs and crying she is punished in the most humiliating positions.
Spanked in the bath Humiliating spanking Hard slippering
Joanne gets a double paddling A DOUBLE PADDLING
After a real hard spanking Joanne is about to be paddled by her partner. Mr. Stern decides to show him just how it should be done and this soon turns into a real hard two handed paddling on this already sore bottom. the punishment continues despite the young ladies cries to stop. This is a real punishment dished out for bad behaviour.
Bent over for the paddle Double punishment at redstripefilms Free films at red stripe films
A naughty lady gets spanked A CALL FROM Mr STERN
Joanne is very badly behaved, everything has been tried to get her to moderate her behavior but now sterner measures are called for in the shape of Mr. Stern. With his guidance her partner sets about dishing out the sort of discipline that is sure to sort this lady out. She gets the hardest spanking ever seen on a web site and boy does she need it.
Spanked on white knickers Bent over and thrashed That hurt my bottom
Student slippered bare SLIPPERED FOR SMOKING
This young lady has no respect for the rules of her student accommodation. No smoking in the rooms, to hell with that she does as she pleases. Once found out the retribution is swift, embarrassing and very painful. The heavy gym shoe is used to effect on her bare bottom with her bent over and then in the diaper position with everything on view.
Smoking Bent over knickers down Bare bottom slippering
Maid Danielle is paddled on the bare bottom THE THIEVING MAID
Danielle has not learnt from her bare bottom spanking, caught steeling she is once again to be punished and this time it's really going to hurt. The large heavy paddle is put to good use on her firm young bottom as she is given the thrashing of her young life. The pain is for real as the bottom gets the full paddling treatment.
Bend over for the paddle Strict discipline Touch your toes girl
A bare bottom spanking for CJ A SPANKING DREAM
CJ is at home and after a few drinks has fallen in to a deep sleep, she is soon dreaming. She dreams of being gently spanked while in her bed, a very erotic dream for this young lady but it soon changes. The reality is when she wakes up that she is being given a very hard and unwelcome spanking on her bare bottom
OTK spanking Bend over to be spanked A spanking at redstripe films
Ladies for spanking
Maid Danielle spanked on her virgin bare bottom HER FIRST PUNISHMENT
As maids go Danielle has a lot to learn and it seems she is intent on learning the hard way. Her employer is well known for having a short temper and a long and hard hand, this he soon puts to use on the virgin bottom of this young lady. Over his knee her cries and yelps are for real as he spanks her bare bottom hard
Knickers off for a spanking A hard bare bottom spanking A red bottom
Hard punishment caning of housewives
Student spanked over the knee STUDENT RESIDENCE
As scruffy and dirty college students go Rachael wins hands down and now its time for knickers down. Yes they come down as she is bent over the knee of the building supervisor so that he can give her the very first blistering spanking of her young life. This fresh faced girl lays over the knee legs kicking as the hard hand spanks her tender young bottom.
Her first spanking knickers dpown A hard spanking
Nimue has been spanked but her boss is not happy with that. He decides she should get the punishment he thinks she deserves. She has to remove her knickers and bend over for a very hard caning on her bare bottom. The cane is applied without mercy and she really knows that she has been disciplined. A great spanking and caning film.
Get ready for the cane girl Six of the best to start Bare bottom caned
Scarlet bent over for the crop NURSE WIFE PADDLED
After making a film dressed as a schoolgirl Scarlet now puts on a sexy nurse uniform and tells us she wants to take the paddle and the riding crop. Well both of these instruments can hurt a lot and we did not hold back. Her long legs looked great as she bent over to take the hard beating on knickers then on her bare bottom. Hard punishment.
Long legs and white knickers Bare bottom paddled Bent over for punishment
Secretary paddled on bare bottom MY SUB SECRETARY
Nimue is working for a wicked scheming boss who has persuaded her to go along to a party to provide the entertainment for some business colleagues. This will involve her being spanked and maybe more. Not sure of her the boss decides to demonstrate just what may happen at the party with the aid of a wicked leather paddle applied to her bare bottom.
Bent over and spanked The paddle for Nimue A red bottom
Schoolgirl wife spanked in uniform SCHOOLGIRL WIFE
This was the first ever film made by Scarlet, it was made for her husband and at the time she did not even want to give us her name. In this film she wanted to relive her schooldays spankings and we were very happy to help her with a very red and painful bottom. We were not sure she could take the hard spanking we would dish out but just take a look
School uniform Regulation knickers Well spanked bottom
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Honey bent over and paddled MY PUNISHED WIFE
The sex is over and she has been found out. Now is the time for Honey to take her punishment and she knows she has no option. Her big tits swinging she is bent over and spanked, paddle and strapped on her bare bottom. The dreaded Red Stripe paddle is used. A few slaps on her huge boobs end her punishment. A very sorry lady.
Tit punishment Bare bottom paddled Bare bottom spanking
Ladies for spanking
Big titted slut sucks a cock SORT MY WIFE OUT
Honey is a wife who likes to cheat on her husband. He knows and is none to pleased. He hires a rather unorthodox private detective to deal with the situation and to punish his wife in a way she will never forget. Spanking, paddling whatever it takes will be used on the large un spanked bottom of this unfaithful big titted slut.
Mouthfull of cock A slut ready for spanking A spanking is close
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Andria bent over for the paddle NURSE ANDRIA PADDLED
Not content with a good spanking this sadistic couple decide they are going to get this girls tits out, bend her over and thrash her bare bottom with a leather paddle. They really lay into her painful bottom till it is red and well marked. Big girls, big boobs and big bottom make this a great film with a great new spanking couple. Real Nasty!
This paddle will hurt Spread your legs Lay it on hard to that bare bottom
Penny bent over and caned PENNY GETS THE CANE
Her bottom on fire from the spanking and the paddling housewife penny is now about to get the very first caning of her life. She knows this will be severe and meaningful, she knows that she must suffer the pain. This is the only video of this housewife being caned she was never this naughty again,
The cane for Penny Caned by her husband Legs spread as she is caned hard on her bare bottom
Hard punishment caning of housewives
Nurse Andria spanked NASTY NURSING
When nurses Andria and Sarah find their patient asleep they decide to look in her underwear draw, after some fun Sarah goes on her way leaving Andria to be discovered by the husband doing things she should not. The patient wakes up and decides that she and her husband are going to give this busty young nurse a damn good hiding.
Sarah and andria at play Bottom raised for a spanking A well spanked bottom
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Penny gets the leather strap THE PADDLE FOR PENNY
Sterner measures are called for and Mr. Stern has the answer. Penny does not like the treatment she is getting and this makes her husband and Mr. Stern all the more determined to thrash her bottom so hard she will never forget it. Bent over and her big bare bottom in the air she has to take the punishment being handed out to her.
Penny held in position Thrashed by her husband This is how a well thrshed bottom should look
Penny punished by her husband HOUSEWIFE PENNY PUNISHED
Her husband has no luck trying to keep Penny under control and so in this true story he sent for Mr. Stern to instill discipline and to punish her. These are the only spankings Penny has had on film and the reactions are for real as the punishment increases.
The telling off The first spanking Bottom spanked till red