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Redstripe Films and Spanking Mansion bring you the very best spanking, caning, paddling and discipline films all made by enthusiasts and those involved in the CP and spanking scene. There will be at least one new film and one new photo set every week. All our latest films are viewable in the MP4 format. This makes them easy to watch on SMART PHONES,TABLETS as well as your PC.

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Stephany has just had a spanking for bringing home a very bad school report but there is more to come. The headmaster has passed information about her bad behavior and so now she has to remove her uniform and a stout leather paddle is found to give her bare bottom a good sound beating.

Young housewife Lydia knows she has done wrong and feels that she needs to be chastised, a most unusual request but one that is soon complied with. She has on a very small pair of denim shorts and she is spanked over these before they are lowered for her bare bottom to feel the heavy right hand.

Young Stephany comes home from school with a less than impressive report, in fact her guardian is in quite a rage. So much for learning! He decides that a serious lesson needs to be learnt and so takes this young lady over his knee. She gets the first spanking of her life

If you have seen Rachael in her other films you will know that she is a real little brat and she does deserve the harshest of punishments. Still in her school uniform the headmaster now decides that despite her bottom being well punished he is going to cane her with the senior girls cane. Boy does he give her a real thrashing.

The continuing story of Rachael who has to be just about the cheekiest girls we have ever featured. Back at school she is confronted by the headmaster who wants to get to the bottom of her poor behavior and soon finds out that she is not above testing his patients and his strong resolve to sort her out soon manifests itself as she is bent over and the school strap is used first over her regulation knickers and then on her bare bottom.

Her application for a loan has been accepted but there is a price to pay and thatís going to be painful. She must submit to a good hard beating and bends over. Nothing prepared her for the stinging of the caning she is receiving

When she should be getting ready for senior school Rachael is still in her bed doing naughty things with her body, her guardian discovers her and reads the riot act! She gives him a load of cheek so he drags her over his knees and gives her a hell of a spanking on the bare bottom, you will agree she deserves this and more to come.

Poor Jess, she needs to borrow some money and she has turned to the strapped for cash company, but not for the first time, she obviously did not learn to control her finances. Well, as it is a second request the amount of pain applied to her bottom will have to increase significantly, our representative has with them a very large wooden paddle, not the thing you would want applied to your bare bottom but that is exactly what happens.

Caught smoking by her guardian 6th former Susan is in trouble. She has to accept his punishments hic start with a good hard spanking over his knees. Her white school knickers donít protect her and they are soon removed as her bare bottom is turned red.

Nimue is still debating the possibility of getting back into the spanking scene, her bottom is red and she is not relishing the next part of what she knows will happen to her. Unaware of the camera she is totally herself as she bends over for an application of the paddle to her ample bare bottom. This is the most pain she has had for some time.

This is a real hard punishment film featuring Allison and Mistress Christine and the head master. Mature schoolgirl Allison is going to be punished and this will be a punishment that only the strictest schools would have applied. Spanked paddled and placed over the punishment horse she is caned with full force by one of the nastiest Mistresses around.

Nimue came to see us as she was not sure if she could still get into the whole spanking scene. She just wanted a chat really and we were happy to oblige her. She soon realized that the only way she would find out if she did still enjoy to be spanked and punished would be to get right down and give it a go. Well we were not setup to film on that day but we do have our security camera and so without telling Nimue this she got over the knee and took a good long, hard and bruising spanking. This is exactly as it happened and we think itís pretty much a real turn on.

This is a rather special film made with two housewife friends and one of their husbands. The two mature ladies are tied, teased, spanked, paddled and caned. The caning scene is especially hard, Val is alone and is caned as her husband watches on. Many long hard strokes, and this is a really great film.

You do not borrow money from the Strapped for cash company and then try to evade paying it back. That will bring trouble and pain big time. Luna soon found this out when she opened the door to Henry. Behind him was a lady with a long and nasty cane and an even nastier temper. Luna was going to get a hell of a caning despite her bottom being well marked form her previous punishment.

Luna has agreed to the terms of the Strapped For Cash loan company and has taken quite a severe bare bottom spanking. The lady lending the money however seems to think that some extra discipline is needed on this large firm bottom. First she is paddled and strapped on her hands and then bent over she gets a thrashing on her denim clad bottom and finally onto her bare bottom.

Two mature ladies have checked into a posh hotel for a weekends pampering and luxury but Annies husband knows the butler and gives him a special task. He is to present the girls with a spanking paddle and then use it on both their bare bottoms until they are close to tears. He warms to his task and this is the fascinating story of just what happened.

The strapped for cash company is very busy at the moment but we do have time to look at one new application, from young Luna. She needs quite a lot of money and she soon learns the rules of the loan being granted. A good hard spanking first over her denim jeans and then on the bare bottom, very painful for this young lady.

Mature housewife Anni has been taken by her husband to see a disciplinarian, though quite an old fashioned thing to do it is proving effective and she has been soundly punished with a spanking and strap. Now she is made to change into her old school uniform, humiliating for this lady, then she is bent over the stool and caned on regulation white knickers and then on her bare bottom. This is not an ordinary caning but is delivered by a strong arm and is well applied.

Lazy Laura has already found out just what the doctor ordered and spent some painful time over his knee. In an effort to make her see that work is a better solution to good health than lazing in bed he takes from his doctors bag a nasty looking cane. This he says will help in the healing process. That it may but now she will need to let the marks heal from her poor caned bare bottom.

Annie is in need of discipline and her husband turns to Mr. Stern. He agrees to help and advises the very irate husband to start with a spanking and then work onto a good hard strapping. This is the true story of a man punishing his wife and even Mr. Stern was surprised at the severity of the strapping. This mature wife to a real beating on her large firm bottom.

Young Laura is typical of todayís lazy teenagers, she does not want to get out of her bed even for work. The doctor is not too sure that her illness is anything more than lazyitis. For this complaint he does have the perfect cure. A simple wooden backed hairbrush. He puts Laura over his knees and proceeds to use the hairbrush on her pajama clad bottom and then to better effect on her bare bottom. The improvement in her health is quite astounding.

Verity did seem to enjoy the OTK spankingand the paddling but now it's time to cane her. She puts on her old school uniform and holds out her hands for the first swishing strokes. Then with her school knickers removed she bends over for a severe caning on her bare bottom.

Verity did seem to enjoy the OTK spanking she has just received and now is ready to move onto something a little more serious. A hard leather paddle is called for and she will get it in loads of different positions, standing, laying on the bed, bent over, bottom in the air and wide open leg diaper. She has asked to be punished and this is the result, rather more painful than she thought.

Young Verity is cheeky and wants nothing more than to be introduced into the spanking scene. She came to us and we were delighted. As soon as she was over Johnís knees she started with her cheek and demonstrated how badly behaved she could be. He gave her a real hard spanking on her panties and then on the bare bottom in a couple of different positions. Red and very much chastened she accepted that she needed the punishment.

Mature secretary Christine should by now know not to displease the nasty tempered Mr, Stern, he rules the office with a rod of iron, or in this case a very nasty length of finest cane. He tries spanking her bottom, this does not seem to work and so out comes that cane and I have to say, Christine id not like it one little bit. She has a marked and very red bottom.

Lolani has been to see Mr. Stern and she was severely spanked and paddled but she is back same day. This time however she tries to seduce him, her sexy clothes however do not work for Mr. Stern. This could have something to do with the return at that moment of Mrs. Stern who sums up the situation and give Lolani something she certainly did not want. A very hard caning on her bare bottom. Every stroke leaves its mark.

Mr. Stern is famous for putting naughty ladies firmly in their place, he has all the implements needed, the years of experience and a very strong right arm. When Lolani is sent by her husband he knows he will have his work cut out. Her husband has tried spanking but Mr. Stern knows well that husbands never give a full force punishment to wives. He however will and soon has her over his knee, bottom bare getting a hard paddling.

Sandy has received lots of good comments from the members of the site from her last caning film. In consultation with Mr. Stern she agrees, rather reluctantly that she does have to keep her members happy and therefore will have to submit to another severe caning. She is not too happy about this but agrees. Mr. Stern has a supply of new canes and picks a thin whippy one and a thick heavy thudding one to use on her very ample mature bottom. A great caning film.

Housewife Lilly has been sent to Mr. Stern for severe punishment and whilst there she confessed to having sex with other men. Mr. Stern feels it is his duty to inform her husband of this and does so. He is not best pleased and asks Mr. Stern to give her further punishment. A heavy paddle is found and she is paddled in a number of different positions on her bare mature bottom.

Lilly is a more mature lady who really should know better than to play around with other men. She has been sent to see Mr. Stern by her husband for being lazy and not a very good wife around the home but whilst being questioned she admits to meeting other men to Ďsuck their cocksí. This calls for the very hardest of punishments and as this is the first time she has been punished the spanking will certainly be felt by this very naughty lady.

I have a great schoolgirl film, Mr Stern the caretaker has had occasion to spank young Jackie but she has returned to see him with a strange request, she would like another spanking but this time with a leather paddle. She said she got so turned on with the spanking that she just needed to go further. He of course agreed to this and poor Jackie did I think get more than she had expected. She ended up in her school uniform with a very red and painful bottom

Kodders just does not have the know how or the will to punish Ashleigh and has called upon Mr. Stern. Now he has no such compunction and is quite happy to inflict the required amount of pain onto this young ladies pert bottom. He has chosen a small but very nasty leather spanking strap to use and as soon as Ashleigh has bent over he puts it to good use.

Ashleigh is one of those girls with a could not care less attitude which annoys her husband. He decides she is in need of punishment and calls A disciplinarian for advice. He tries his best to spank her bottom over denims and then bare but is aware he may not have taught her a lesson. What to do?

It does not matter what you do, if you borrow money from the strapped for cash company you will pay it back and if you try to cheat them you will pay the full price, that is what Jasmine Lau found out to her cost. She thought she could get away without paying but we caught up with her and she pays a terrible price. Not only does she have to take a very painful paddling but she gets put into the diaper position with her legs spread wide to take some more of the paddle and her very tender bits do come in for some punishment.

This is latest story taken from the files of the Strapped For Cash loan company and it sees lovely Jasmine Lau in some serious trouble. She needs to get her hands on some money and fast but because of her poor credit history no one will lend to her, except of course our loan company. To get the loan she has to agree to some remedial treatment and this will be in the form of a very hard bare bottom OTK spanking. She does not like this but has to endure the pain and humiliation.

This is the last part of my story about the two incompetent dog groomers who made such a mess of grooming my beloved little dog. I was outraged and I am afraid that I did make them both suffer more than maybe I should have. But I was not going to let that stop me from bending them over, both in turn and together and giving their bare bottoms the hardest caning they are ever likely to experience. They went from my house with well-marked bottoms I can tell you.

Rascal the terrible dog groomer has just been spanked when her employer Lucy turns up. She is in real trouble and when Rascal tries to interfere they are both for it. Two bare bottoms are presented and a large strap is produced with the object of dishing out some real hard punishment to these naughty young ladies

Amy is a strange girl, she came to see Sarah asking for punishment, Sarah was of course happy to provide this but now she wants to take further and this really only leaves the cane. Amy is fearful of the cane but agrees that this is what she should receive. Her bottom is already marked from the paddling as she bends over to receive her strokes.

Mrs. Stern loves her dogs and when she hires a firm of dog groomers to trim her pooch she is more than a little upset when she sees the result. This is compounded when she finds out that the girl doing the job is still at college and getting some work experience and has never trimmed a dog before. Painful retribution will follow in the form of a bare bottom paddling for this young lady accompanied by a severe leathering of her hands

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