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Alex is a small very quiet girl well that is what she would have us all believe. The truth is that she can be a bit of a bully at her senior school and that has to be dealt with at home. A stout slipper is maybe the way to make this young thing see some sense of reason. Knickers removed she is made to bend over for a long hard slippering and her tears will not stop it.

The final film from Lucy & Adrian showing just what they get up to at home. Here we have Lucy as a schoolgirl who has stolen some money. She must be searched of course and when it is found she will be heavily punished. A leather paddle warms her small bottom before she lowers her school knickers to take a good hard caning from her husband. Excellent film.

Alex is a small very quiet girl well that is what she would have us all believe. The truth is that she can be a bit of a bully at her senior school and that has to be dealt with at home. A stout slipper is maybe the way to make this young thing see some sense of reason. Knickers removed she is made to bend over for a long hard slippering and her tears will not stop it.

This is the continuation of the homemade film from a young couple who enjoy spanking and CP as a part of their lives. In this film we find out just what happened to Lucy when she defied Adrian and had her tongue pierced. He found out his tough old gym she bent her over and boy did she get one hell of a good thrashing. She was not going to be sitting down for a day or two after that

This is a homemade film from a young couple who enjoy spanking and CP as a part of their lives. They wanted to make this to show others that good hard spanking can be very sexy and rewarding. Adrian loves to have Lucy bent over his knees and she loves to feel his hand between her legs and then spanking her bottom This is the first of the films and gives a good introduction into their spanking live, itís quite hard no messing about here.

Big boobed beauty Kiki Vee thinks she can get away with anything just by flashing her big beautiful eyes but today she is finding out that is not always the case. She has tried to seduce her mistresses husband and been found out and punished but now, that punishment will be taken further. Heavy leather flogger on those big tits and her tight arse followed by a nasty paddling with a real wicked implement soon have her arse well marked and she very sorry.

Antonia has given her husband the impression that she likes to be spanked, paddled and other wise punished and he has taken her at her word. He finds every excuse to get her pants down and give her a red bottom. Will she be so willing though now that he has produced a cane and a caning bench. She has no choice and has to get herself over it bottom presented for a real good swishing.

Kiki the maid was supposed to be cleaning out the food cupboards whilst I was away from home, well I suppose you could say she was doing that but she was very provocatively dressed as I found out when returning home unexpectedly. She soon confessed that she was after my husband, well I am not having that and set about teaching her a lesson with the biggest leather paddle I have. Bent over my kitchen table she soon felt the pain of my temper

Antonia has discovered that she quite likes being spanked, a bit late in life maybe but well she can get sexual pleasure from it. Only trouble is her husband wonít do it in the bedroom and insists she should now be punished with a nasty large leather paddle. He gives her a hell of a whacking before finding out that his fingers have found how much pleasure she is getting

When you borrow money from the Strapped for Cash loan company you have to pay it back. It does not matter how young and pretty you may be vengeance will be meted out to all those who shirk their responsibilities as young Rascal is about to find out. She has neglected this simple task and now the full cost of the loan is made plain by a cane wielding representative from the company. Naked she is made to bend over and her tender young bottom subjected to its first ever caning.

Antonia has been taking money out of her husbandís bank account and being a mean man he is not at all happy about this. She says she is contributing but he is not happy and tells her he is going to teach her a lesson. She is a mature housewife and does not take kindly to his threats, he grabs hold of her and drags her over his knees and spanks her backside till she is yelling out in pain. During the spanking a little feel of her pussy reveals to him that she is enjoying the experience.

Ashleigh knows she will get further punishment for her bad behaviour and her almost criminal activities. She is not mistaken and the pyjamas she is wearing offer her little or no protection against the hard paddling she is going to get. Her bottom is pushed high into the air and this deserved paddling commences.

Ashleigh has been missing work, stealing from shops and is generally a bad case so when the probation officer calls she knows she will be in trouble. She is right. This officer has her own way of dealing with delinquent girls and it turns out to be very painful, for Ashleigh. Spanked over her denim jeans and then on her bare bottom she starts to realise the error of her ways but will this be enough. A very red and marked bottom are not welcome.

Rachael is one of those girls who is very happy with her own company and who certainly thinks that what she does in the privacy of her own bed is her business. Sean has different ideas, she should be out and about doing other things and being very much a prude he does not agree that ladies should be able to pleasure themselves with dildos and other toys. When he catches Rachael playing with her dildo and getting very carried away he is not best pleased and shows this in no uncertain terms by putting her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom very hard.

Another great story from Strapped for cash in which various young ladies find themselves financially embarrassed and have to resort to taking a loan from the strapped for cash company. They soon find out that aptness of this name as they are told what the loan entails. Rascal finds herself over the knee of the representative, her bottom being warmed first on top of her knickers and then on the bare. She takes a hard paddling with a new and very nasty leather paddle

Charlie has been previously punished with the taws but because of her extreme bad behaviour and her violence to others she is to be caned and caned hard. Bent naked over the back of a chair in her house her bottom is exposed to the swish of a heavy cane expertly wielded by a self-appointed moral guardian. This bare bottom is soon covered in red stripes and the tears flow freely

Kiki has spoiled the day out for Sarah who was going together with her to a spanking party. Never mind, fun would be had anyway. After giving Kiki a good hard spanking she was ordered to strip and she was then punished on all the most sensitive parts of her body. Her large breasts were strapped as were her hands and her bottom. She did get a good thrashing as you will see.

I was supposed to be going to a vintage dress party with my girlfriend Kiki but she has made a mess up with the dates and we have missed it. Now I went to a great deal of trouble to get ready for this party and I was looking forward to showing off my new dress. Kiki is in trouble and I know how to sort this young lady. A good firm leather paddle applied to het young firm bottom will start the retribution but you may think she needs to get more than this. Just watch.

Lulu has just had her first ever spanking from her husband and from Mr Stern. Her husband is not sure that she has been punished enough and decides that he wants to paddle her. She is placed into position and Mr Stern instructs him on the right technique and being a fast learner he is soon giving his wifeís bottom a good hard paddling. She is not in favour of this and tells him so but he continues till it is decided she has taken sufficient punishment..

Lulu is a very well-known model, she does mostly work for the big boob magazines and films, You will get to see more of her assets soon. In this film she comes with her husband to see Mr Stern to get her very first spanking. Now she is not too sure about any of this, she has never been spanked even in play let alone for real. Those of you who know Mr Stern will know that he is rather strict and so Lulu started off being spanked by her husband who under direction from Mr Stern soon got into the swing and gave her the very first red and sore bottom she has had.

April May has borrowed quite a lot of money from the strapped for cash loan company and she does know the rules governing that loan. She has failed to make any of her re-payments and now she must pay the full price for that behaviour. The representative from the company calls and she has with her a very wicked senior cane. She makes April bend over naked and take a very severe caning on her bottom

April May need a lot of money and she needs it now, she has no one else to turn to but the Strapped For Cash loan company. After a discussion with Mr. Stern she soon understands about the ďstrappedĒ bit of the deal and finds herself over his knee being paddled on her black panty hose and then to her dismay on her bare bottom. She has to endure an extra hard thrashing because of the amount of money she needs. Letís hope she can afford to repay.

Ian is still on the lookout for his long lost niece, well thatís the scam he is pulling to get money grabbing young ladies to remove their panties and bend over his knee for a sound spanking. Young Bemby falls for it and really does have to take the full force of Ianís strong right arm as he puts her over his knee for a traditional old fashioned spanking.

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This is Lola Marieís second chance to convince the London Tanner that she really is his long lost niece and is the one who should inherit hid fortune, or the fortune she thinks he has as he is just using this as a scam to get young ladies bent over his knee so that he may spank a few bottoms. He now has to persuade Lola that she would love to feel his slipper on her bare bottom, she is not too convinced about this but with the thought of all that money in her mind she lets him remove her knickers and give her a pretty hard slippering.

The naughty London Tanner is at it again, pretending he has loads of money to leave in his will to his long lost niece! The tricky thing about it is he has to find the niece. Now this is just a scam to get girls to agree to take a good spanking from his horny old hands and his latest victim is the very lovely Lola Marie. He soon smooth talks her into getting her knickers off and laying over his knee. She is none too sure about all this but does take a real nasty hard spanking on her delectable bottom.

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Young Bemby Franks is still held in captivity and has now to undergo further humiliation and pain. She is being punished for the sins of her boyfriend and the film of this is to be sent to him so that he may see the error of his ways. In the first film we watched as she was stripped and whipped and paddled. Now this frightened young thing is to be caned by her capture. Face down on the bed at first and then on her hands and knees with her bottom pushed well out to take every stroke from this hard caning

Bemby Franks is young and innocent and when she wakes up secured in a strange bedroom she can't have any idea what she is about to undergo. Her boyfriend has to pay some money back and a film of his lady friend might just help him. She will be beaten and frightened before her ordeal is over and she gets released.

Zandia has not been keeping up on her car loan repayment plan and she has not been answering the door when the loan company call. Now she has been caught and helped out by her husband she is punished by the car loan manager. Further punishment is called for to drive home the message and a cane is found. Zandia is almost naked as she is bent over and given a severe and prolonged caning.

Zandia & her husband have some time alone, the kids are out so they decide a bit of sex in the sitting room will be great. Just as they are getting down to it they have a most unwelcome visitor. The debt collector. Zandia has not been paying off her loans and now she is in trouble. When a good punishment beating is suggested her husband agrees to help out and she is placed over the knees of both him and the debt collector for a good paddling. Next she is made to get into the diaper position where the paddle gives her some real pain in the most tender of places. This is a good hard beating for this badly behaved wife.
Strapped For Cash does what it says in the title, a loan company with a difference and Pixie is about to find out just how different. She borrowed some money but can't make the repayments on time and now the penalty clause comes into operation. This involves her stripping down to her underclothes, big boobs bared and then bending over some cushions on her sofa. The representative of the company then applies the cane to her bare bottom, and very, very hard. She does take a real punishment caning.
Jennifer has been stealing money from my family and has to pay the full price. She has been caught out with the money in her hand and so it is only right that when the punishment is dished out she gets a good hard leathering on her hands, that maybe will teach her a lesson. I do not leave it there though and make her remove her clothes and bend over and with her legs spread to humiliate her she gets the leather paddle on her bottom till she can't sit down. A good hard thrashing should teach her.
Pixie asked the Strapped For Cash company for a lone but she had not really understood all their terms and she did not realise that she would indeed be getting Strapped For Cash, lots of good hard strapping with a very nasty leather paddle strap. She needs to borrow money to pay off some rather nasty people she has incurred a gambling debt with and so she has little choice but to accept the fact that she will have to bend over and take a real hard beating on her bare bottom. This is one of the hardest strapping I have seen administered and I did sort of feel a little sorry for Pixie.
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Charlie has already been partly punished by her land lady for keeping eight cats in her apartment but there is more to come for this unfortunate young lady. From her car the land lady fetches a thin whippy cane and tells Charlie just what she is going to do with it. Poor Charlie is almost in tears before this extensive caning starts. She has to take it on her hands her feet and her thighs as well as right across her bare bottom. I think even you will feel sorry for Charlie when you see this terrible caning, another hand held film taking you right into the caning action.
Jennifer is a trusted member of the household but then she is caught on camera stealing money from the elderly father, it seems she has been doing this for some time. After some stern telling off she is placed over the knee, her maids uniform dress raised and she then gets a blister, bottom marking spanking. This is well laid on as befits the crime, no little taps just good hard spanking right from the start. Another great Hand Made Film
Young Charlie is in serious trouble. She is not supposed to keep animals in her flat. The landlady calls round after complaints from the people next door, young Charlie is in serious trouble. Charlie will not see the error of her ways and so she is to either leave the flat or take the punishment offered. With little choice she bends over and the landlady gives her a good spanking but that's not all. She produces a wicked taws and uses it on Charlie's hands, bare bottom and the front and back of her thighs. There is a lot of fighting and it is obvious that Charlie does not like this prolonged punishment one little bit.
Zandia Lee has been well strapped for not going to work and she must have liked it as she phones her boss and tells him to come round to her house. He finds her on the bed with a dildo in her pussy and a leather paddle under her pillow. He soon takes the hint and she finds herself over his knee getting her bottom well beaten. Did she really want this or did she want something else? Take a look at the pain on her face and see what you think.
Zandie Lee should be at work but when her boss goes to find her he sees her on the bed with a big vibrator in her pussy. She is so into what she is doing she does not want to go to work. She is then subjected to a real hard and harsh spanking by her boss before he takes off his belt and really does leather her already sore and marked backside
This is the second part of Pixies interview with Mr.Stern and things seem to be going well. She has told us a bit about her spanking life and her love of being spanked and well punished but now there is more. I think it is great when these ladies tell us just how they feel about spanking and are brave enough to admit that they like it and need it. Now it's time for Pixie to feel the leather paddle, in her black stockings and undies she bends over with her nice big bottom pushed well out as Mr.Stern goes to work with a rather large paddle on her very red bottom.
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Grace has been punished by Mr. Stern who instructed her husband on the best methods of discipline but it seems that Grace wants more discipline than he is giving her. She decides to take matters into her own hands and give her tits and bottom a good hard paddling. Her husband catches her doing this and gets the message, he then gives her the punishment she wants.
Pixie is a self confessed submissive and masochist and that's quite simply why she wanted to make some films with us. She is your typical girl next door, the sexy girl down your street but with this secret yearning. No problems with that so Mr. Stern started her off with a good over the knee spanking after asking her to tell us about her spanking life so far. It's always interesting to know why these lovely ladies come along just to be spanked by us.
Zoe has borrowed money from Strapped For Cash loans but has failed to make her repayments. When she took out the loan she did have to take a terrible beating with the strap but now things will get much more painful. Her marked bottom will be caned unmercifully, bent over she has to take every one of the allotted strokes with a senior cane. This is a hard caning film.
Violet is eager to add to her spanking experiences. She has just had her first on screen spanking and now she has agreed to try a hard session with a thick leather paddle. Once bent over and getting her first swats she realises that this is a whole new ball game. The leather paddle in the hands of an expert disciplinarian can really hurt and that is just what her plump bottom was doing now.
Zoe needs money and turns to the Strapped For Cash loan company. She soon finds out that they have some pretty strange criterion for lending their money. She has no choice but to bend over whilst the representative uses first a wooden spoon on her bare bottom and then a very nasty taws. She ends up with a well marked and very sore bottom, will she repay the cash?
Mature big busted Grace is being punished for her behaviour. Mr. Stern is instructing her husband in the use of the paddle and so Grace has to bend over and take two very serious and hard doses of the leather paddle on her large firm bottom.
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The return of Mr Stern 8
The return of Mr Stern 8
Once again we get the best of the new girls on the spanking scene, this week Violet makes her first film. She has been spanked by a previous boyfriend but felt that she really now wanted to experience a very hard and prolonged punishment session. What better place to start than here. Over the knee spanked on tights, panties and then on her bare bottom
The return of Mr Stern 8
Tony is having serious problems with Grace, his wife. He has asked Mr. Stern to help out and unsurprisingly a course of intense punishment sessions are agreed upon. As Tony has little experience in this form of behaviour modification Stern helps out with a demonstration spanking on Graces large firm bottom. Tony is a fast learner and soon has her well in hand or under his hand.
How not to make a spanking film Part 2
Zandia has been spanked hard for trying to lead the camera man astray but there is more to come. She is placed in a very humiliating position with her bare bottom high in the air. A hard leather paddle is then used on her bare bottom till it is red and very sore. Will this teach this naughty mature lady a lesson
How not to make a spanking film
How not to make a spanking film
Do you believe in Santa, well that's what Christmas is all about. Imogen and Kodders are getting ready for a visit from Santa, well Kodders is as Imogen does not have the belief that is necessary for good girls to get a nice present. When Santa does arrive he has something of a surprise in store for this naughty lady. This will be a Christmas to remember for Imogen. And we hope for you to.
How not to make a spanking film
This is the way to sure fire trouble. Invite a pretty lady along to make a film and let her run riot with the camera man. Zandia the lady in question soon gets found out and a very severe punishment is her reward. Over the knee and bare bottom on display for the start of this prolonged discipline and punishment session.
Zoe interview and spanking

Alice gets the cane

Busty Alice was caught playing with herself by her landlord and he did not agree with this behavior. He has already paddled her bare behind for this dirty act and now he intends to cane her. She has to bend over, totally naked and take a good hard caning onto her bottom. Rather a serious punishment for such a crime.
Zoe interview and spanking
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You stole from me

Honesty is working for Sarah but is not as honest as her name implies. She has been stealing from her employer and now she has to pay the full price. No discount for being pretty, nothing off for being sexy she will have to take the full strength caning that has been awarded to her by this rather sadistic employer. A heavy cane is the instrument of punishment, expertly applied onto her bare bottom.
Zoe interview and spanking

Not in my house young lady

Alice is caught by her landlord naked and playing with herself in his conservatory just where anyone passing could see her. He is not best pleased and decides she needs to be taught a lesson. Taking her over is knee he paddles her bottom with a stout leather paddle then makes her kneel in the chair so that he can get a better swing. A real good hard paddling.
Zoe interview and spanking
Zoe interview and spanking

Zoe whipped and paddled

Zoe is on the second part of her audition and this means that she gets to feel a variety of implements. There is a rather nasty flogger used on her back and bottom and then a leather strap and to end the pain a large leather paddle. Bent over her rather large bottom well in the air she did not seem to like the paddle but it was one she chose.
Zoe interview and spanking

Sandra caned

Sandra is now due the final part of her disciplinary punishment. After being spanked and paddled she has to take a severe caning. Bent over she takes the first strokes on her tights but then they come down and her big and marked bottom has to take a full strength caning with the senior cane. A painful experience but one which may teach her to behave.
Zoe interview and spanking

Dirty Web Work

Honesty can be rather naughty, just like any attractive youngster she loves to show off her body. When she is caught using her web cam to broadcast to the whole world as she strips and plays with her body she knows she is in trouble. She has to bend over with her head in the chair and bottom raised, a stiff leather paddle is then used on her bare bottom to teach her the error of her ways. A painful lesson.
Zoe interview and spanking


Alice really did like her spanking and wants to take the leather paddle. It is explained to her that this will be considerably more painful than a hand spanking but she is all ready to try it. She starts off bent over the table, the exposed bottom gets a good hard paddling. Next she has to get on the table in the diaper position and this really does cause her to think as she gets her swats.
Zoe interview and spanking


Zoe is a young lady who got into the spanking scene when one of her boyfriends put her over the knee and spanked her before having sex with her. She discovered that she rather liked it and wanted to take her experiences a bit further and we were pleased to help her. After telling us about her first time she went over the knee for a real hard spanking that left some rather red and painful looking marks on her bottom




Zoe interview and spanking
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Alice is a young lady who wants to start out on a career as a spanking model and what better place to start. We sent Sean to interview her and get all her reasons for doing it on camera just for you. As you would expect he also wanted to give her a good spanking, no use having a spanking model who cant take a spanking. Alice certainly could and indeed seemed to like bending over for her spanking

Alice spanking interview


I always thought that I was supposed to be running this web site but whenever things go wrong it's me that has to suffer. Mr. Stern was in a real bad mood this evening and I must admit I had been slacking a bit but did I really deserve this amount of punishment. The heaviest paddle thrashing me till I can't sit. A bit unfair I think.




Sandy well paddled


Imogen has finally has to give in to her Lover Sarah. She has been beaten and abused in all manner of ways but now she has no alternative but to do as she is told. A punishment stool is produced and Imogen told to bend over it. What follows is a severe and painful caning using a heavy dragon cane that has just one job to do, to inflict pain to the bare bottom presented to it. It does that as is quite obvious.




Imogen and her lover

Susan caned

Susan has come for a job as a spanking model but has been telling lies and now she has to suffer the consequences. Spanking Sarah has been summoned to carry out a judicial level caning to the young lady. Bent over she has to take every hard stroke as it is handed out to her, leaving her well marked from this painful caning.




Susan caned

The cane for a housewife

At last Susan is to suffer the instrument she has been dreading, her husband has asked that she be spanked and paddled this has been done, now the cane. Bent over the caning bench she waits the painful sting she knows will come. She does not know what she has done to deserve these punishments but she has taken them all




The cane for a housewife


Imogen's lover is now showing just how nasty and cruel she can be. Imogen refuses to continue with their relationship but because she is secured to the bed she can't stop the painful assault on her body. She is whipped on her breasts and bottom and between her legs, she is then subjected to a hard paddling which brings her to tears.




The cane for Lucy


Paddle and strap my wife

Housewife Susan is now to undergo the second part of the punishment requested by her husband. She has been spanked and now he wants to see her paddled and strapped. She is first of all has to hold out her hands for the strap, hard and painful. Then bent over she gets the strap and paddle on her sexy undies before they are removed and her bare bottom gets a real beating.



The cane for Lucy

The paddle for Susan

This naughty girl has come to make a spanking film but gets off on the wrong foot by lying about having made other films, her bottom is still marked. The filming has to go ahead however but instead of taking it a bit easy on a new girl Mr. Stern goes to town on her bottom with his paddle giving it one hell of a beating. Real good hard paddling film.


The cane for Lucy


Susie loves to play games with her husband and on this occasion he arranged for Mr. Stern to give his wife a series of very prolonged punishments. He wanted them filmed and he let us show the films to you. This shows Susie telling us about the things she gets up to, then shows the situation as she lifts her skirt to show stockings and suspenders before bending over to take a real hard spanking. Real life and very sexy


The cane for Lucy


Sarah's lover Imogen D'Arcy has told her she wants to leave her for another woman. Sarah she says is too violent for her, always wanting to tie and beat her. Sara cant allow her to leave and so ties her to the bed. Once secured Sarah can do what she likes with poor Imogen and she has some pretty painful ideas including paddles, straps and long whips.


The cane for Lucy


It was the bosses first day back at the office and he finds that Sandy has not been dealing with any of the emails from her members. She has not told him just how many requests she has had from members to see her in some more spanking films. There is only one remedy she soon finds herself over the knee and her big bottom is getting one hell of a spanking. She takes the punishment well but she knows there is a lot more to come.


The cane for Lucy
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